ISMA Sponsor a Student Program

Start a ripple of change in a student's life

ISMA believes that there is no greater pursuit than education. Education helps us build a foundation on which we build our lives. We believe that education must be available to ALL!​

Some people require a helping hand. Not everyone is able to give their children everything they want to. We think moral societies are built on the shoulders of citizens who wish well and work to help each other

You can make a difference in the life of a ISM Student through our Sponsor a child program. Your sponsorship empowers low income students and parents by ensuring continued education without any interruption.


Through the KINDLE Program, we will create a platform to help fund the education and advancement of children from homes that need the help. Our school has done much to shape who we are today. We hope that this program helps spread the joy that is an education at ISM.

How your Sponsorship works

  • Recipients are selected using a combination of financial need, low income proof and academic performance and sports and extra curricular interest.

  • Selection process will be administered by ISM

  • Sponsorships are deposited directly into the student’s fee account at ISM.

  • Fully transparent process, with the Principal of ISM being the final administrator of the grant

  • 100% of your contribution goes into the Scholarship Fund

  • ISM has an existing system where low income parents can submit Income proof and apply for low income qualification.


Here are some suggested sponsorship amounts. Tuition fees vary based on the grade the student is in and the stream for senior students. Below are the Average Tuition amounts, which include all applicable fees (science fees, examination fees, stationary fees, insurance fees, computer fees, etc)


OMR 46
  • 1 Month Average Tuition


OMR 138
  • 1 Quarter Average Tuition

Semi Annual

OMR 276
  • 6 Months Average Tuition


OMR 552
  • 1 Year Average Tuition

These are just suggested sponsorship amounts. Feel free to donate any amount.
Your donations have a direct impact on a student’s education journey.

Interested in knowing more?

Contact us at or via Whatsapp at +968 9988 6521 for any questions.