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Take advantage of all the benefits Indian School Muscat Alumni (ISMA) has to offer
ISMA Loyalty Card

The Indian School Muscat Alumni Loyalty card is your official, personalized alumni card, identifying you as a member of Indian School Muscat Alumni and giving you access to a variety of discounts across your city.

Mentorship programs

The Indian School Muscat Alumni mentorship program brings together students and alumni in purposeful, mutually rewarding relationships, by introducing students to alumni from different class years, programs, and industries.

Student scholarship

ISMA awards alumni scholarships to Indian School Muscat students each year. Scholarships are awarded based on specific eligibility criteria based on school grades, financial hardships and leadership experience.

Networking Events

Social and Networking events provide an opportunity for Indian School Muscat Alumni in your region to get together and create personal & professional connections.

ISMA Leadership Team

The Indian School Muscat Alumni Leadership team was appointed in August 2017
Mukund Manohar
Mukund Manohar
“I am excited to be given this opportunity to give back to my Alma mater and put my knowledge and skills to use for this institution I am extremely proud of.”
Tanu Bheda
Tanu Bheda
“My journey in ISM has taught me endurance, will power, team strength and the spirit of oneness. I would ensure passing on the same values to our future generations, in addition to reconnecting to my ISM Family!”
Aishwarya Hegde
Aishwarya Hegde
“ISM always made me believe that there is immense strength in collective thinking. Through ISMA, I believe we can re-establish that connection and strength”
Nabeel Najeeb
Nabeel Najeeb
“I have a natural inclination towards giving back to the community and especially back to the school that has played a major role in shaping my life. Being part of the Alumni Association gives me an unique opportunity to play a part in that process”